What clients have written


“I started therapy because I felt stuck in both my career and personal life , as well dealing with anxiety. Working with Sarah for the last nine months has been extremely helpful. She has made me feel comfortable and safe making it easy for me to open up, helping me deal with my anxiety and problems preventing me from moving on. I am now moving forward into a new and exciting job and taking greater risks in my life. Therapy was specifically helpful making me aware of issues that I have overlooked and in offering me tools to address it in my day to day life. Sarah has guided me through this journey and helped me self-discover what is important to me in my life.”


“ When I was a little boy I was sexually abused by my father. It went on for seven years, until I was eleven. I was additionally abused by three other men, two of them teachers. I bottled all that up and carried on with my life. I never sought help because I thought it was OK, a survivor. But I carried a great deal of shame, guilt, anger, shyness and hatred of authority all my life. And sometimes it was very noticeable- caused me and others around me problems. Then a friend advised me to see a therapist. Whilst my partner had suggested for years, I had rejected the notion and associated therapy with weakness. Actually though, I was scared. I went to Sarah, pretty much at random, partly because she was not too far away from where I live. And I am very glad that it was her whom I chose. When I first saw her I cried. Gradually and gently she has helped me along a journey in which I have come to terms with some difficult issues. Sarah helped me tackle them. I can’t say it has been easy, but now I see that I had been walking around dragging a ball and chain of my life. I suppose you have to be ready for therapy, and I recommend Sarah when you are. I feel so much freer now. I am hardly shy anymore. I feel confident, creative and positive. Cannot thank Sarah enough.”


I found Sarah just after losing my father and she helped me to process that and to find myself amidst the chaos that my life then seemed. Thanks to her, I learned how to understand who I am and better analyse how and whyI am making my decisions, leading me to enjoying what I want to enjoy in life in a very genuine way. Thanks Sarah !”


Thank you for everything. I have enjoyed working with you over this last year and feel that our sessions have been useful and made a difference in my life. ”


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